Undergraduate students in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering take part in a design project as part of the requirements for their final year of studies. There are several projects, each of which is composed of around twenty students and several supervisors from the department and other external agencies. Design projects are aimed at giving students experience in the design of components which are part of a greater system. This provides a learning environment which focuses as much upon individual design work as it does upon teamwork. Participation of the students is encouraged in all aspects of the project including project management. The design project fosters students’ development of engineering skills as well as presentation and personal interaction skills.

The satellite design project is centered around the preliminary design of a space system. Focus is placed upon the development of components and the overall system for a small satellite with a specific mission. Previous years of the satellite project have also undertaken the development of a launch vehicle design in tandem with the satellite design. Students choose from a number of subsystems to develop, which
most often include the following:

In addition, one or two team members are elected to act as project leaders who interact with all aspects of the project to ensure
successful integration of the various subsystems.