Kapvik is an internally designed martian micro-rover, built in association with the Canadian Space Agency and MPBc (Montreal, PQ).

Kapvik is a multi-functional microrover with a robotic mast and miniature imaging sensors. The microrover is based on a modular architecture to allow optimal reconfiguration for lunar and Mars exploration and science. Kapvik employs a number of Canadian innovations in robotics, sensors and real-time intelligent software to enable high functionality within the 30 kg mass budget. Kapvik can operate independently for low-cost planetary exploration, or as a collaborative assistant to benefit manned and large rover missions. The robotic mast with an end effecter enables acquisition of selected samples and subsurface trenching. Multispectral imaging UV-Vis/IR sensors provide in situ analysis and 2-D mapping of mineralogy, water/ice content and planetary resources.

The Carleton space engineering exploration group designed the chassis system, mobility system control, portions of the navigation system for Kapvik. The Kapvik project is funded by the Canadian Space Agency, and administered by MPB Communications with partners Ryerson University, MDA, Xiphos Technology and UTIAS developing parts of the final rover.

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